The Enneagram - Symbol of All and Everything


What's New

"All and Everything"

This book is intended to show that the enneagram is really a symbol of "All and Everything". Until now, the enneagram has been presented only partially.

"To know is to know all, not to know all is not to know. To know all it is necessary to know very little, but to know that very little, one must first know pretty much." (J.G.Bennett, Enneagram Studies, p. 8)
In short, this book could de said to be a "manual" of the Fourth Way.


The Heptaparaparshinokh is studied with its three intervals, and not only with that two of the musical scale. The Harnel Aoot, the interval of the fifth stopinder, which had been forgotten, has been ransomed, brought back to its real meaning.

This is reflected, for instance, on the diagram of the Ray of Creation, which former books have presented with only two intervals, forgetting the immense importance of the Sun (Sol).

Objective Symbology

We bring here also the development of a study about Objective Symbology, as opposed to relative symbology. Objective Symbology is the same for everyone, in any place, at any time.

Sacred Geometry

The chapter on Sacred Geometry here could be a separate book from itself. However, the Sacred Geometry approach permeates the entire book, in an effort to make the reader understand beyond words.

Law of Proportions

The Law of Proportions is here related to the pyramid and to hierarchy. This book pays the due tribute to Hierarchy, a concept vastly exposed in the books of Gurdjieff, specially in the "Beelzebub's Tales", where Saints, Angels and Archangels work in an organized network in the management of the Universe, and when is the case, are promoted to a higher rang.
We can see that the triads and the process of Harnelmiatznel work by hierarchy. For example, Beelzebub and his Grandson are the higher and the lower forces, while Toiloon, his son, is the intermediate.

The Labyrinth and the Maze

See the clear and amazing difference between the Labyrinth and the maze - and their relation with the enneagram.

The Human Hand

The remarkable parallel between the structure of our hand and the intervals of the Heptaparaparshinokh, as well as between the movements of the hand and the way we can move in the enneagram.

In the place of the others

A parallel of Multiplication exercises and the "putting yourself in the place of the others" from the Holy Planet Purgatory.

The Dance of the Octaves

It is new the approach and the diagrams of the Dance of the Octaves, with the dynamics of Creation and Evolutions acting together, as well as The Battle.

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