The Enneagram - Symbol of All and Everything



The world is a game played according to its own rules.
To know the rules - the laws of the world - is the first step for
the transcendence towards freedom. (p. 13)

The Secret of Life

Everything that exists is vibration. Thoughts, feelings, objects and beings - everything is process, or vibration...
What we see as stone is just the trail of atomic vibrations.
...The entire universe needs to keep working continuously, and this is the great secret of life: ... (p. 68-69)


Don't forget all these examples are analogies that you can and must apply to inner Work. (p. 267)


The direction we follow, Evolution, runs clockwise, starting from zero, descending and then going up to nine, contradicting the natural processes, which develop by themselves, counterclockwise, and usually do better without our interference. (p. 219)


There is a paradox here: we study symbology to understand what cannot be said in words, but we need words to explain symbology.(p. 84) 

An original intelligence shapes and maintains the world. It could be said that everything is quite scientific. However, the distance between man and the Absolute is such that the model of existence does not fit our logic and understanding. We are the part trying to infer the Whole starting from the projection of the Whole in a world with less dimensions — but this doesn't hinder us from trying this exercise of understanding, for the growth of our being.

The study of reality includes a mathematical model, in the sense of Objective Science. It is a cyclical model, at the same time algorithmic and heuristic, where there are so many interferences amongst the systems, that at our level we attribute almost everything to "chance".
(p. 53)


The Work is, actually, technology. Gurdjieff spoke about the "technique of religion" and all his teaching consists of techniques for the growth of Being. (p. 333)


enneagram and colors
The appropriate use of colors makes conscious influence possible. Although Gurdjieff said that only fragments of the Law of Combination of Colors has reached us, he gives it great importance, chiefly in legominisms. (p. 259)


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