The Enneagram - Symbol of All and Everything

ISBN 85-87154-03-6
414 p.; illustr.
6x23cm, 2003


This is a strictly Gurdjieff oriented book, showing the enneagram as the Overall Universal Law, and explaining the fundamental cosmic laws in multiple approaches, from the purer symbolism and theory to the most pragmatic application.

"The Enneagram - Symbol of All and Everything" connects, organizes and interprets information from three sources. The first is Gurdjieff's writings themselves: his words, the underlying structure, and mainly the implied sense and allusions that appear to be innocuous. The second consists of significant fragments transmit-ted by his followers, and also the vast inheritance of old symbology remaining from several esoteric systems, not only written but also built-in in works of art, stories and traditions. The third and last source, which worked as amalgam in the synthesis and understand-ing of the first two, were many years of Work, observation of outer and inner phenomena and processes, meditation, and revelation.

Subject: non-fiction, metaphysics, phylosophy, psychology, esoterism, sacred geometry, self-help.

Author's Review: This book presents the enneagram in a strictly Gurdjieff's directed approach.
There are four volumes in one - from an organized outline of the Fourth Way psychology - "to built the language in which we will talk" - to a heavy incursion on the Universe, objective symbology, geometry, the cosmic laws and the Creation according to Gurdjieff, the first half is a preparation to what follows. The enneagram itself is exhaustively detailed after this, first in theory - with a huge emphasis in sacred geometry, then in practice, with hints and examples that cover several areas of human experience, both in material as in spiritual life.  

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